3、截图街景:用 AI 加工提示词

AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

4、SD导入:速写导入 SD,按如下设置参数,进行生图测试。

AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)


a realistic image of a summer morning on a Shanghai street corner. The setting should feature a modern building with brown bricks on the right side, housing a small convenience store at the street level. Opposite, traditional residential buildings with balconies adorned with colorful laundry hanging out to dry. The atmosphere should be vibrant, with people walking, vendors selling items, and several scooters and a van parked by the sidewalk. The sky should be bright blue, signaling a sunny day, and the light should cast distinct shadows, denoting the morning sun. Include details such as a streetlamp and trimmed, leafy trees to contribute to the urban setting. The perspective should be at eye-level, with a two-point perspective to give a sense of depth and engagement in the scene.
Negative prompt: overexpousure, sketch, illustrious, logo, text, paintings, sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), watermark, signature, text, [( NG_DeepNegative_V1_75T :0.9) :0.2], high contrast, (broken:1.1), (Incomplete:1.1), (Cropping:1.1), (Contour overlap:1.1), (The main body is not prominent:1.2),
Steps: 12, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 9, Seed: 1308268202, Size: 706×512, Model hash: fc2511737a, Model: chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix, Clip skip: 2, ControlNet 0: “Module: lineart_coarse, Model: control_v11p_sd15_lineart_fp16 [5c23b17d], Weight: 0.8, Resize Mode: Crop and Resize, Low Vram: False, Processor Res: 512, Guidance Start: 0, Guidance End: 1, Pixel Perfect: True, Control Mode: Balanced, Hr Option: Both, Save Detected Map: True”, TI hashes: “ng_deepnegative_v1_75t: 54e7e4826d53”, Version: v1.7.0



四、拓展:二次 AI 提取提示词,再次生图。


AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

an image of an early spring day on a street in Shanghai, with a realistic and professional look. The scene should feature a combination of traditional and modern buildings. The modern building on the right should be a simple brown brick construction with a storefront at the ground level. To the left, older residential buildings with balconies, where the texture and detail of the architecture are visible. Include pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters navigating the streets, adding a dynamic urban energy. The deciduous trees should be just starting to bud, reflecting the new season. Ensure the lighting is bright and clear, indicative of a sunny day, casting natural shadows that define the shapes and forms of the buildings and street. The perspective should be from a human eye-level, using two-point perspective to capture the architectural details and the depth of the street scene.

AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

a realistic and detailed image of a street in Shanghai, showing a mix of architectural styles. There should be traditional buildings with balconies and plants on one side and a modern, red-brick building on the other. The scene should be bustling with activity, featuring pedestrians, parked bicycles, and scooters. A clear sky should indicate a bright day with sunlight casting subtle shadows on the street, suggesting a calm, mid-morning atmosphere. The composition should be from a two-point perspective at eye level, giving a sense of the everyday life and architectural diversity found in Shanghai. The trees lining the street should be full and green, showing the vitality of urban nature.

水彩效果:修改提示,加水彩 lora,生成水彩效果。

AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

an image with a watercolor effect of a street in Shanghai. The scene should depict a diverse architectural landscape with traditional houses adorned with balconies and greenery on one side, and a modern red-brick building on the opposite side. The street should be alive with the hustle and bustle of city life: people walking, bicycles and scooters parked alongside the road. Above, a clear sky reflects a sunny day, with gentle shadows cast on the pavement indicating a serene mid-morning. The perspective should be a two-point, eye-level view that encapsulates the dynamic everyday life and rich mix of old and new architectural styles in Shanghai. Lush, green trees should line the street, adding to the sense of a thriving, natural urban environment, all rendered in the delicate and expressive style of a watercolor painting.

大雪水彩效果:修改提示,加水彩 lora,生成水彩效果。

AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

an image with a watercolor effect of a Shanghai street during a heavy snowfall. The architectural landscape should display a contrast between traditional houses with snow-covered balconies and greenery, and a modern red-brick building on the other side, also draped in thick snow. Despite the snow, the street should be bustling with city life, people bundled up and walking carefully, bicycles and scooters blanketed in snow. The sky, heavy with snow clouds, should muffle the sunlight, casting diffused shadows on the snow-laden pavement, providing a sense of a quiet, snowy mid-morning. The composition should be a two-point, eye-level perspective that captures the everyday life and architectural diversity of Shanghai in winter. The trees lining the street should be frosted with snow, contributing to the serene winter atmosphere, all portrayed with the soft and fluid characteristics of a watercolor painting.


AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词) AI教程|速写变照片:《繁花》上海老街(附提示词)

a realistic and detailed image of a snowy street in Shanghai, with a mix of architectural styles. Traditional buildings with snow-covered balconies and dormant plants should be on one side, while the other side should feature a modern, red-brick building with a thick layer of snow on its surfaces. The street should be full of life, with pedestrians navigating through the snow, bicycles and scooters piled with snow, indicating recent heavy snowfall. The sky should be overcast, with the muted light of a winter morning creating soft shadows on the snowy ground. The two-point perspective should be at eye level, portraying the dynamic life and architectural contrast in Shanghai during a snowstorm. The trees should be heavy with snow, contributing to the wintry urban landscape.


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